Monday, June 24, 2013


I know, right?  "Bananas?  What does that have to do with cake?"  Absolutely nothing, but read on anyways.

So, I've been seeing this idea floating around for awhile, where you take frozen pieces of banana, blend them, and they magically become this creamy, delicious, ice-cream like treat.  And my reaction was pretty much like, "hmm...I am skeptical."

But today, I was cleaning my kitchen and found that my bunch of bananas from Sam's has already ripened past the stage I like to eat my bananas at (they were green when I got them 4 days ago!).  So I chopped them into little coins, and popped them in my freezer.  I figured, if nothing else, put them in smoothies or something.  But then I remembered this whole "banana ice cream" thing.

So just now, I take some, pop them in my little food processor, start to blend and get...gritty little frozen pieces of banana--pretty much what I expected.  But I decide to keep blending a little more, and add some peanut butter for good measure (because yum).  And then...oh, and then.  :-)

Does it taste like vanilla ice cream?  No, it tastes like bananas--because, you know, bananas are the only ingredient.  But maybe add a dash of sugar and a splash of vanilla, and you have yourself some banilla frozen treat.  Mine was banana with a kick of peanut butter--I think I'll call it frozen Bananas Elvis.  I saw someone online who added Nutella to theirs--OM NOM NOM.

You don't need the silly special machine they sell--I did mine in my little 4 cup Cuisinart, and others apparently have done theirs in a blender.  But if you're trying to be a little better about your sweets, or if--like me--you just have some obscene amount of bananas that have ripened ridiculously fast that you need to use up, I would totally recommend trying this.

"Where's a picture?" you may be asking.  "I'd like to see photographic evidence of this culinary miracle!" you might say.

Well, too bad.  Because I ate it all before it even occurred to me to take a picture.  Because it was delicious and melting.  Make your own and then you can see it for yourself.  :-)