Sunday, April 27, 2014

What Every Couple Should Know About Ordering Their Wedding Cake--Consultants v. Decorators

Back in the days I used to do wedding consultations in addition to decorating cakes, a lot of brides or grooms used to say something that would make me giggle: "Sorry I'm asking so many questions--I've never done this before!"

If this is you--don't apologize!  For many, many people, their wedding cake is the first and perhaps only time in their lives they will order a cake so large and, in many cases, so specialized.  It's much different than ordering a birthday or other everyday celebration cake, and it's completely normal no to know how one goes about it.  There are some general things that are good to know and, as someone who works in this industry, I'd like to share a series of some things that books probably don't tell you!